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FAPI President

Arthi Sanjeevi,MD

As we wrap up with the year 2020, each of us in the medical community reflect upon the magnitude of its implication on our global community and carry onward with us, our own takeaway life lessons both personally and professionally. The year has overturned our lives in the most unforeseen manner with innumerable challenges that many of us have surmounted; yet some whose memories we honor, that have not made it to this day. However there remains solace in the knowledge that these challenging times have led to personal and scientific growth and that we have the light at the end of this tunnel with the promise of the vaccine coming through and better preparedness for future pandemics

I accept this responsibility as the president to lead our collective force of the FAPI organization with much humility and gratitude for my fellow physicians that have groomed me to take on this honor. Challenging times demand innovative leadership and this new year, myself and my executive committee look forward to uniting our community together with a renewed vitality and enthusiasm to build up our network and support each other and the community we call home.

I urge you to stay connected and look forward to exciting opportunities coming up this new year of 2021 that we have planned for you. The first of these, is a combined endeavor with our national chapter, AAPI (American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin) in March, we will be offering a Women Physicians Leadership Forum. All topics from medicine, personal, financial wellness and aesthetics topics will make this a one of its kind exciting meeting to attend, especially emerging from the prolonged isolation and hibernation of the pandemic.

Secondly, we are looking to increase the representation of younger physicians in the FAPI community and will be taking measures to make FAPI a great platform for mentorship, networking and giving back to the community.

Lastly this year we will be addressing physician burnout with a series of web communications offering tools to address keeping the captains of the healthcare ships to stay sturdy in order to keep their ships afloat.

Although we can’t ever take the pain, suffering and losses that people across the globe have endured due to COVID-19, we can rise stronger from the valuable lessons learned. In this New Year let us focus on physician wellness, spend more time with who and what matters in life and focus on truly meaningful pursuits. Let us unite in expanding our consciousness as an earth community and step forward into the New Year as a confident and resilient herd of healthcare warriors.

I wish you all a very healthy, happy and prosperous New Year and I say this with a new and profound realization of the value each brings into all our lives, let us make this a phenomenal year.


Arthi Sanjeevi, MD
President, FAPI