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FAPI President

Subhasis Misra, MD, MS, FACCWS, FACS

It is an honor to be the President of FAPI. Over the years, this organization has provided the avenue where physicians of all specialties in the greater Tampa Bay Area come together for the betterment of the community we serve, while enriching our professional and personal lives.

As always, we have an outstanding team of leaders who are committed to FAPI’s growth. While there are certain things that we often do very well including semi-annual CME, the evening gala with dinner and entertainment, there are areas where we can definitely be better. These aspects will be my focus to work on during the upcoming year. First and foremost, we need to fix our bylaws to reflect the current need of the organization. Second, our community outreach and involvement should go beyond donating money to charitable organizations. More robust involvement by our members is absolutely the need of the hour. Third, we need to provide more value to our members through collaboration with other reputable organizations and having a better social media presence.

Together we can achieve more. Please feel free to reach me by any means convenient to you. My mobile number is 312-933-0715 and email is

Subhasis Misra, MD, MS, FACCWS, FACS